Episode 2

Published on:

8th Feb 2022

Twists of Fate (2000–2018)

Unearthing the mystery of Friedman, the music of Television, a band called Bikini Radio, unpublished Dylan and more.

If you dig this, find my music at Bandcamp.

The following songs are included in this episode:

  1. Lizard Link (Friedman, 'Lizard Link' - 2009)
  2. Birth of Fury (Friedman, 'Introducing the Soviet' - 2000)
  3. Barbed Wire ('A Bothersome Injuries Forty, Vol. 3' [2017] - Demo c.2008)
  4. To Have and To Have Not (cover: Billy Bragg: 'A Bothersome Injuries Forty, Vol. 2' [2017] - Live 2006)
  5. Down Chamber (Bikini Radio - c.2008)
  6. Little Johnny Jewel, Clip 1 (cover: Television: 'Cult of Point Break Society' - Live 2008)
  7. Little Johnny Jewel, Clip 2 (cover: Television: 'Cult of Point Break Society' - Live 2008)
  8. Clip ( 'Long Ago Way' - 2011)
  9. Simple Twist of Fate (cover: Bob Dylan: 'Careful in the Future' - 2018)
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