Episode 6

Published on:

8th Mar 2022

Survival (2020–2021)

This week we are in New York in the heart of the pandemic and the national election in 2020. The birth of a record called ‘You Get Your Own Parade’. The birth of a band in a remote world. The conception of a record called ‘All Your Days.’ And just survival in general. Words, sounds, and experiences from deep in the shit. Get yer pod!

If you dig this, find my music at Bandcamp.

The following songs and sources are included in this episode:

  1. Clips: Oh Coronavirus (Isolated recording session tracks, 2020)
  2. Riverside bagpipes (Field recording, 2020)
  3. Oh Coronavirus (Single, 2020)
  4. Dirty Old Town (Single, 2020)
  5. It’s Over (Single, 2020)
  6. White Heat (Unreleased, 2020)
  7. I Know You Did It (Single, 2020)
  8. Year of Fire (‘You Get Your Own Parade’ 2021)
  9. Dirty Old Town (‘You Get Your Own Parade 2021)
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James O’Brien is a studio recording artist who toured the U.S. and the U.K. from 1998–2004 playing politically aware rock and roll, sometimes solo and sometimes with a band. In 2017, after a 13-year hiatus, he began to release new material again, and in 2022 he became the host of 'All Your Days — The Podcast'.