Episode 25

Published on:

25th Oct 2022

Michael McDermott (Wrecks and Reconstructions)

We start with the Conan O'Brien moment. Songwriter Michael McDermott has been loved by luminaries (Stephen King wrote his liner notes), followed by fans, showcased on the biggest stages, and written about by the widest-reaching publications. Yet, as Michael puts it, he still suffered under a kind of reversal — pleasure over peace, the quick fix over the long game. Join us for the finale of Season Three, a journey into Michael's roaring music, his meteoric rise, his subsequent crashes and resurrections, and now the incredible album and memoir he's riding to new heights in a lighter — and light-filled — reality.

Clips in this episode:

  1. Bells (Michael McDermott, 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' - 1996)
  2. A Wall I Must Climb (Michael McDermott, '620 W. Surf' - 1991)
  3. 20 Miles South of Nowhere (Michael McDermott, 'Last Chance Lounge' - 2000)
  4. Scars From Another Life (Michael McDermott, Live Reading - 2022)
  5. Annie and the Aztec Cross (Michael McDermott, 'Last Chance Lounge' - 2000)
  6. Knocked Down (Michael McDermott, 'Out From Under' - 2018)
  7. Dance With Me (Michael McDermott, 'Ashes' - 2004)
  8. Pack the Car (Michael McDermott, 'St. Paul's Boulevard' - 2022)
  9. Getting Off the Dime (Michael McDermott, 'Last Chance Lounge' - 2000)
  10. Shadow in the Window (Michael McDermott, 'Willow Springs' - 2016)
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