Episode 59

Published on:

23rd Jan 2024

Lynn Gilbert (Part 2 of 2: Paths and Acknowledgements)

Lynn Gilbert returns to the podcast for part two of a career-spanning conversation about her photography, finding her path with a camera on the Silk Road, iconic moments for her work at the 2022 Venice Biennale, and an 8-acre garden that has revealed something profound as she’s photographed its expanse. And we talk about the anxiety of creation, no matter the years or decades of experience, and what it takes to make peace with our art. 

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'All Your Days' is a weekly podcast and newsletter featuring conversations, essays, reviews and roundups with a focus on creativity, art, work, crisis, persistence, and how creative lives transform over time.

Host: James O'Brien

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James O'Brien

James O’Brien is a studio recording artist who toured the U.S. and the U.K. from 1998–2004 playing politically aware rock and roll, sometimes solo and sometimes with a band. In 2017, after a 13-year hiatus, he began to release new material again, and in 2022 he became the host of 'All Your Days — The Podcast'.