Episode 16

Published on:

21st Jun 2022

Dan Bern (Part 1 of 2: Biographies and Apocrypha)

In the first part of a two-episode conversation with Dan Bern, we get into early days, the lure of the vanishing act and the power of vulnerability, about north stars and big moments, and what to do about following them — both the north stars and the big moments. I offer a (partial) biography of the artist. We talk about time. 

Clips in this episode:

  1. Linda Wertheimer interview - NPR, 2001
  2. Bob Dylan: Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat - Blonde on Blonde, 1966
  3. Dan Bern: Freight Train Blues - EricSchreiber.com, 1985
  4. Dan Bern: Live Another Day - Dog Boy Van, 1997
  5. Dan Bern: Jerusalem - Dan Bern, 1997
  6. Dan Bern: One Dance - Fifty Eggs, 1998
  7. Dan Bern: Fly Away - Fleeting Days, 2003
  8. Dan Bern and Mike Viola: Beautiful Ride (Demo), 2007
  9. Dan Bern: New American Language - The Bottom Line, 1998
  10. Dan Bern: Rolling Away - The Bottom Line, 1999
  11. The Who: Baba O'Riley - Who's Next, 1971
  12. Dan Bern: Thanksgiving Day Parade - New American Language, 2001
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